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Highlights Air Tour

이 경비행기 투어에서는 모든 것을 조금씩 볼 수 있습니다! 미드 호, 후버 댐, 콜로라도 강, 그리고 장엄한 그랜드 캐년 웨스트 림 등의 경이적인 장관을 하늘 위에서 모두 볼 수 있습니다.

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Grand Voyager

모든 여행이 포함된 이 투어는 그랜드 캐년 웨스트 림까지 가는 항공편과 그랜드 캐년 바닥에서 착륙하는 상쾌한 헬리콥터 여행, 그리고 콜로라도 강 하류로 내려가는 판툰 보트 여행으로 구성됩니다. 양쪽에 펼쳐진 높이가 1마일에 육박하는 그랜드 캐년의 암벽을 강물 위에서 감상하세요!

Available starting Saturday, July 25th 2020

헬리콥터 항공기 캐년 바닥에 착륙 정상의 끝에 서기 강물 어드벤처 투어





Grand Canyon West Freedom Tour

Reach the Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas on an airplane tour, then choose from a variety of entry options available for purchase.

Available starting Wednesday, July 15th 2020

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Grand Canyon Connoisseur

경비행기를 타고 사우스 림까지 가는 이 환상적인 여행에는 그랜드 캐년 국립공원 지상 투어가 포함됩니다. 여러 주요 전망 지점에서 그랜드 캐년의 암벽을 아찔하게 수놓은 화려한 색감을 감상하세요.

Available starting Saturday, July 18th 2020

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9시간 30분



그랜드 캐년 노스 항공 지상 투어

갑갑한 도심 지역에서 벗어나, Grand Canyon의 독특하고 멋진 암벽 지형을 탐험하며 자연의 광대함을 느껴 보세요. 모두가 여기에 가 보고 싶어하지만 그 특권은 쉽사리 주어지지 않습니다. 이 투어는 Grand Canyon 북부 끝자락의 이름난 Bar 10 Ranch 근처까지 가볼 수 있는 ATV 어드벤처를 포함합니다.

Available starting Sunday, July 19th 2020

항공기 ATV(전 지형 만능차) 폴라리스 레인저


7시간 30분 ~ 8시간



인디언 거주 지구 어드벤처

그랜드 캐년 웨스트로 가는 이 경비행기 여행에서 Hualapai 땅의 마법을 발견하세요. 그랜드 캐년 바위에 새겨진 거대한 자연 조각상인 이글 포인트를 체험하거나, 용기를 내어 구아노 포인트 가장자리까지 걸어가서 사방을 막고 있는 거대한 바위벽에 둘러싸여 보세요.

Available starting tomorrow!

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이 범주에서 현재의 검색 결과와 일치하는 투어가 없습니다.

Features of Las Vegas Flights to Grand Canyon

Escape the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas with a Grand Canyon airplane tour with Papillon. Air tours are designed with our guests safety, comfort, and sightseeing needs in mind. Here are just a few of the reasons people have been choosing Papillon for their aerial adventures for over 50 years.

  • Roundtrip Transportation: Convenience is key to an enjoyable Grand Canyon vacation. Begin your airplane tour to the Grand Canyon with hotel pick-up and drop-off from major hotels in Downtown Las Vegas and on the Strip.
  • First-Class Seating: Our fixed-wing airplanes offer ample space for each passenger to sit comfortably and enjoy the magnificent Southwestern scenery.
  • Climate-Controlled Cabins: Heating and air conditioning in the aircraft cabins allow guests to unwind and enjoy the flight any time of the year.
  • Multi-Language Narration: Each seat is equipped with noise-canceling headphones. Enjoy choreographed music, passenger-to-pilot communication, and in-flight narration throughout the flight.
  • Group Tours: Our Twin Otter Vistaliner airplanes can transport up to 19 passengers each, making airplane tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon the perfect adventure for larger groups. From conference teams to wedding parties, families and beyond, your group can experience the thrill of the Grand Canyon together.
  • No Hidden Fees. With Papillon, you'll never see a hidden "convenience fee" or "booking fee." No guesswork or unexpected fees, just great prices.

If you’re strapped for time or on a budget, airplane tours are the perfect way to experience the Grand Canyon. During an airplane tour from Las Vegas, you can soar over a week’s worth of destinations in one adventure. Airplanes also use less fuel than helicopters, so they are generally the most budget-friendly aerial tour option.

Las Vegas Flights to Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most photographed natural landforms in the world. Magazines and museums around the world have allowed people to gaze upon the brilliant red canyon walls, the sun reflecting off of the Colorado River, and the foliage and animals that inhabit the land. During a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon trip with Papillon, you can experience these magnificent aerial perspectives in person.

Airplane tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas can fly to the South Rim, West Rim, or Grand Canyon North. Each route boasts breathtaking views of Lake Mead's crystal waters, the massive Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert, and the winding Colorado River before reaching the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas Tours Flying to Grand Canyon West Rim

Are you an adventurer at heart? Tours of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas may be just what you're looking for. The West Rim features world-famous lookouts like Eagle Point and Guano Point, exciting activities like the Grand Canyon Skywalk bridge, and more.

At this rim of the canyon, you can even pair your airplane tour with a helicopter ride that will descend 4,000 feet to land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for exploration time or a pontoon boat cruise.

Discover all tours of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tours Flying to Grand Canyon South Rim

If you want to visit the Grand Canyon National Park, airplane tours to the South Rim are a good fit for you. During Grand Canyon South Rim airplane tours, you can gaze out over the sprawling Kaibab National Forest and take photos at world-renowned lookouts like Bright Angel Point and Mather Point.

You can also upgrade your South Rim air tour to include a helicopter flight over the widest and deepest part of the canyon or a guided Hummer tour of the National Park.

Discover all Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon South Rim tours

Las Vegas Tours Flying to Grand Canyon North

Escape the crowds and experience the raw, untouched beauty of the northern part of the Grand Canyon. Access to the Grand Canyon North is limited, so very few visitors get the chance to experience its stunning landscapes each year. North canyon tours can be single or multi-day excursions that include a scenic airplane flight and guided Polaris Ranger rides. Overnight stays at the famous Bar 10 Ranch are in high demand and often sell out over a year in advance.

Flights from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon FAQs

How long does it take to fly to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?
  • Direct flights from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas range from 35 to 70 minutes.

    Airplane tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon range from 4 to 9-1/2 hours depending on your selected tour destinations.

How do I get to the Grand Canyon from the airport in Las Vegas?
  • Papillon Las Vegas air tours depart to the Grand Canyon from a private terminal in Boulder City, Nevada. Hotel pick-up and drop-off is available to and from most major Las Vegas hotels downtown and on the Strip.

Which days do airplane tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon operate?
  • Most Papillon airplane tours operate 364 days of the year with multiple departures each day. To find out more about departures for a specific tour, visit that tour listing page on the website.

    At Papillon, safety is our #1 priority. As a result, tour operations are subject to cancellation due to weather.

    Learn more about our booking and cancellation policy.

Do I Need a Visa or Passport for Airplane Tours?
  • Yes. All passengers booked on a tour must have a valid government-issued form of identification before boarding one of our airplane tours from Las Vegas.