The Best Sightseeing Tours from Las Vegas

Las Vegas is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking landscapes and national landmarks in the country. Millions of people travel from around the world to catch glimpses of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the Las Vegas Strip.

Papillon offers sightseeing tours aboard helicopters, airplanes, luxury motorcoaches, and more to these fabulous destinations. Tours from Las Vegas to each of these scenic landmarks are available at various price points and time lengths. No matter what budget, timeline, or location your heart desires to see, Papillon has a sightseeing tour for you.

그랜드 캐년 웨스트 림

Papillon offers a number of unique sightseeing tours of the West Rim Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. This rim, contrary to popular belief, is not a part of the national park. The gorgeous land is owned and operated by the native Hualapai Tribe.

While sightseeing in the West Rim, you can experience the world-famous Grand Canyon Skywalk and breathtaking canyon lookouts like Eagle Point and Guano Point.

그랜드 캐년 사우스 림

When you envision visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, chances are you are picturing the stunning views from the Grand Canyon's South Rim. This rim offers many of the canyon's most celebrated lookouts. Mather Point, Yavapai Point, Yaki Point, and Grandview Point are all accessible during Grand Canyon national park tours from Las Vegas.

Nestled along the canyon rim is the historic Grand Canyon Village, which offers visitors a variety of historic exploration and shopping options. This Seventh Wonder is also located in the Kaibab National Forest, which is home to a variety of native wildlife and vegetation.

후버 댐

While in Las Vegas, make time to visit the engineering marvel that attracts more than 1 million sightseers every year. The Hoover Dam is the 726-feet tall concrete gravity-arch dam that holds back the Colorado River. This dam, located in the Black Canyon between Arizona and Nevada, provides power to three separate states and is responsible for creating one of the world's largest man-made bodies of water, Lake Mead.

Papillon provides daily Las Vegas sightseeing tours that run to the world-famous Hoover Dam. Plus, our helicopter tours have clearance to fly closer to the colossal structure allowing for great photo opportunities. Experience the incredible aerial views of this Industrial Wonder of the World by air or embark on a guided tour of the dam's interior with access to breathtaking views from the observation deck.

라스베이거스 스트립

Experience all the scenes that make Las Vegas one of the most illustrious cities in the world on sightseeing tours of the Las Vegas Strip. Board a state-of-the-art helicopter and soar over legendary landmarks like the Luxor Sky Beam, Eiffel Tower of Paris, fountains at Bellagio, the Stratosphere, and the Clock tower in St. Marks' Square of the Venitian.

블랙 캐년 리버 래프팅이 포함된 Grand Celebration 투어

This Grand Canyon helicopter tour starts from Las Vegas and soars to the Grand Canyon West for a landing at the bottom and a river raft tour.

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호수 조망 헬기 투어

Papillon의 호수 관광 헬리콥터 투어를 통해 내면에 잠자고 있던 비행의 꿈을 일깨워 보세요! 이 비행은 멋진 미드 호를 향해 멋진 경치를 구경하며 약 5마일 정도의 상공에서 비행하는 여정으로 구성되어 있습니다.

Available starting Saturday, August 1st 2020






후버 댐 헬기 투어

후버 댐, 미드 호 및 콜로라도 강의 놀라운 장관을 엿볼 수 있는 신나는 헬리콥터 비행을 즐겨보세요. 이 투어에서는 후버 댐 상공 2,500피트를 10마일 정도 비행합니다.

Available starting Saturday, August 1st 2020






블랙 캐년 헬기 투어

후버 댐 롯지의 투숙객은 물론 이곳을 지나가는 관광객 모두가 Papillon 헬리콥터를 타고 공중에서 미드 호 및 후버 댐을 내려다 볼 수 있습니다. 이 헬리콥터는 콜로라도 강의 하류 쪽으로 이동해 블랙 캐년으로 향합니다.

Available starting Saturday, August 1st 2020






그랜드 캐년 노스 항공 지상 투어

갑갑한 도심 지역에서 벗어나, 독특하고 멋진 그랜드 캐니언 지역을 방문하세요. 소수에게만 주어지는 특권인 이 투어는 캐니언 북부 끝자락의 Bar 10 Ranch 근처까지 가볼 수 있는 ATV 어드벤처를 포함합니다.

Available starting Sunday, July 19th 2020

항공기 ATV(전 지형 만능차) 폴라리스 레인저


7시간 30분 ~ 8시간



Hummer와 함께하는 Grand Canyon Connoisseur

See the Grand Canyon from the sky on a deluxe airplane tour, then visit the most popular viewpoints on the ground aboard a customized Hummer tour!

Available starting Saturday, July 18th 2020

어드벤처 투어 항공기 정상의 끝에 서기


9시간 30분



Grand Voyager Expedition & Skywalk

Enjoy the comprehensive Grand Canyon experience only offered by the Grand Voyager tour, and add the world famous Skywalk to your itinerary.

Available starting Saturday, July 25th 2020

헬리콥터 항공기 Skywalk 캐년 바닥에 착륙 정상의 끝에 서기 강물 어드벤처 투어





Grand Canyon West Freedom Tour

Reach the Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas on an airplane tour, then choose from a variety of entry options available for purchase.

Available starting Wednesday, July 15th 2020

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Types of Las Vegas Sightseeing Tours

헬리콥터 투어

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter tours have introduced millions of guests to the wonders of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the Las Vegas Strip over the last 50 years. When flying with the largest and most experienced helicopter tour operator in the world, you are certain to leave with a memory you'll never forget.

On board one of our world-class helicopter tours, discover the optimal sightseeing experience. Our EC-130 helicopters were designed specifically for sightseeing. They provide forward-facing, theater-style seating for unobstructed aerial views.

As the preferred provider for the Grand Canyon National Park Service, we're certified to fly the entire Grand Canyon. Even better, our helicopters can touch down at exclusive landing sites at the bottom of the West Rim. No matter what sightseeing tour experience you are looking for, our Las Vegas helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon have you covered. Fly to the base of the canyon floor, spend the entire air tour soaring through the skies, or tack on some additional adventure floating the Colorado River or riding ATVs.

Discover sightseeing helicopter tours from Las Vegas

버스 투어

Let one of Papillon's platinum Las Vegas bus tour vehicles whisk you away for a day of sightseeing in the American Southwest. Cruise through famous destinations like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and the Mojave Desert.

While cruising through these exciting venues, professional tour guides will educate and entertain you with fun facts about the areas. When you hop on one of our state-of-the-art motorcoaches, you'll experience end-to-end luxury. Day trips from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon come complete with hotel pick-up and drop-off and plenty of scenic lookouts and photo opportunities.

With Papillon, tours aren't limited to the ground. Upgrade your bus tour to include a helicopter or airplane ride for additional aerial sightseeing adventure.

Discover sightseeing Las Vegas bus tours

경비행기 투어

Experience the stunning aerial views of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam from a first-rate airplane.

Our spacious aircraft can transport either 9 or between 17 to 19 passengers, making airplane tours the perfect sightseeing adventure for medium to large-sized groups. From conference teams to wedding parties, families, and beyond, your group can experience the views of these world-famous destinations together.

Experience comfort in climate-controlled first-class seating while gazing out at the magnificent desert scenery. Each seat is also equipped with headphones providing narration so you can enjoy music and learn the history of the landmarks beneath you.

Discover sightseeing airplane tours flying from Las Vegas

어드벤처 투어

Get your adrenaline pumping while experiencing some of the best sights that the American Southwest has to offer. Take your tours up a notch while off-roading, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and much more.

Papillon's adventure tours offer sightseeing experiences in the infamous Eldorado Canyon, the historic Bar 10 Ranch, and even down the rapid waters of the Colorado River on the canyon floor. Each destination promises exhilarating adventures unlike any other.

Discover sightseeing adventure tours from Las Vegas

Sightseeing Tours from Las Vegas FAQs

What are good day trips from Las Vegas?
  • Papillon offers a number of unique day trips from Las Vegas. Helicopter tours, airplane tours, bus tours, and adventure tours run daily from Las Vegas to world-renowned destinations like:

    • 그랜드 캐년 웨스트 림
    • 그랜드 캐년 사우스 림
    • Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
    • 라스베이거스 스트립

    Discover more day tours in Las Vegas

What is there to do in Las Vegas during the day?
  • On the hunt for the best things to do in Sin City during the day? Las Vegas helicopter tours are the perfect way to experience the highlights of the Las Vegas Strip. Fly over legendary landmarks like the Bellagio fountains, Luxor Sky Beam, and the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

    Why limit your helicopter tour to Las Vegas? For a more all-encompassing Southwestern experience, discover the awe-inspiring and world-renowned Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and the Grand Canyon before returning to the bright lights and neon signs of the Las Vegas Strip.

    Soar into adventure with Las Vegas tours.

Does Hoover Dam have tours?
  • Yes! We offer Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas by helicopter, airplane, and bus.

    No matter what type of Hoover Dam tour you're looking for, Papillon has you covered. Experience the incredible aerial views of the concrete structure by air or embark on a guided tour of the dam's interior with access to the observation deck panoramic views.

    Discover the best Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas for you.